Woria : how to download and install

Downloading the updater is by far the easiest solution. You only have to run it, and everything will be done automatically ! If, for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to work, use the zipped version. Sadly, Woria is currently a Windows only program.

Also, I’m working on the English translation, but it’s not fully done yet. Some parts of the game are still « only French », sorry ><« 

Download the game updater

Download the zipped version

What’s in the game ?

  • Monsters with a real AI
  • Things to drop from monsters
  • Donjon instances (you can actually break things, and collect rare objects inside !)
  • Spells (buffs, healing, damage…)
  • Craft : you can create objects from the objects you already have
  • Potions and random objects
  • Works/jobs : you can collect stuff, grab plants, cut trees, mine iron… Gain experience from collecting and crafting ! (to be able to collect and craft more !)
  • The ability to exchange things with another player (objects, money…)
  • And many more things like player teams, friends…

In game image (french version) :

A rapid view of the editor of the game :